Complete Holistic Life-Cycle End-to-End Advisory and Management Consulting Services

For DoD, IC, DHS, Other Mission CxOs,  and for Federal Contractors 

About us

Since 2001, Paradigm Consulting has excelled at providing key subject matter expertise and disciplines to improve public-sector IT business strategies for real-world environments in multiple technologies and functional specialties.  


Paradigm Consulting is well respected for providing end-to-end management and business consulting services for government and companies serving government. Our services are supported by long-standing relationships with companies of all sizes in government contracting and with a variety of federal government agencies. In addition, we offer an extensive compilation of data, statistics, and real-world experiences across a broad spectrum of government contractor business development, capture and market development issues.  


We support federal government agency efforts by providing end-to-end advisory services to accelerate effective mission delivery for the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, Homeland Security and National Response Framework (NRF) related agencies. We are effective by applying direct lessons learned from wide experience base of knowledge. Our problem-solving perspective is derived from real life agency experience brought to bear to solve Agency iss

Supporting Government and Industry

For Government

  • Complete Holistic Lifecycle End-to-End Advisory Services for DoD, IC< DHS, Other Mission CxOs
  • Mutli-Agency SES/SIS-level SME systems perspective
  • Integrate technology insertion strategic planning
  • Portfolio and investment resourcing sequencing
  • Cyberdefense integration; Legacy vs Secure Cloud Transition sequencing; Organizational transition challenges
  • Facilitation and execution of corporate level transformation roadmap strategy
  • Technology domain knowledge: Cybersecurity; Cloud security; predictive analytics; Cyber analytics/AI/Machine Learning; data analytics;big data analytics/situational awareness and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD)

For Industry

  • Expert in converting budget into revenue, providing expert SMEs in multiple domains, and executing programs flawlessly
  • Provide knoledgeable professionals in the multiple government technologies and markets with deep market reach
  • Deep understanding of the Federal landscape; from established small to large contractors with some to a significant presence in this market
  • Enhance client market-specific competitive edge
  • Expand into new client markets and new opportunities
  • Focus your limited resources on opportunities with the highest probability of success
  • Provide world class capture and proposal management resources to augment your team